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Beth Howard, Suzanne Bertman, Rebecca Emmons, Judy Peschio, WandMark Wygonik and Larry StraussGraham Cox, Bonnie Swanson, Richard BakerMichelle Servos and Mary SilvaCynthia Falardeau and Laura LaneMoreen Burkart, Carol Kanarek, Ann Marie McCrystal and Mary LinnShelly Stuven, Dr. Dennis Saver, and Dr. Nancy BakerPud Lawrence, Karen Deigl, Stacey BrownlowMichelle Servos and Mary Silva (4th and 5th from left) hear theiMary Silva stands to accept the grant for Literarcy Services.Moreen Burkart reacts to  the news of the winning grant for VNAMoreen Burkart gets a hug from Judy PeschioKaren Deigl for Senior Resource AssociationKaren Deigl and Judy PescioDr. Nancy BakerKaren Deigl, Moreen Burkart, Judy Peschio, Mary Silva, Dr. NancyKaren Deigl, Moreen Burkart, Judy Peschio, Mary Silva, Dr. NancyJennifer Watson, Barbara Feldman, Dena Lombardo, PK FletcherJudy Peschio announcing winners.Moreen Burkart, Mary Silva, Dr. Nancy Baker, Karen Deigl