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Dr. Mark Rendell, new Superintendent of Schools, wife Heidi RendKathleen Cain, Executive Director of the Healthy Start CoalitionVaughn and Nancy Bryon, with Charles Croom and Jennifer Croom, CDonald Laurie with Laurie & Jim Carney.Marybeth Gerbhardt, Elaine Koziel, Carol David, and Robin BethelKaty Bartolini with  Freddie Woolfork, Public Relations DirectorSophie Wood, Marketing Director at Vero Beach Museum of Art, PamPatrice Stowe, Dr. Fran Adams, Julie Green, and Cynthia FalardeaAnn-Elisa Black, Dr. Lucinda Gedeon, Executive Director of VeroAndrew Hurwitz, Ray Oglethorpe, Sidney Parker, Jean OglethorpeAndrew Hurwitz and Sidney Parker perform.